Current Portfolio

Our current portfolio  includes oil refining, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, and cosmetics

INDDEVCO and its affiliates currently maintain ownership interests in 3 companies. Our portfolio of current and previous business turnarounds is detailed below:

Worldscale Refinery
Revenue: $4 billion
Jobs: >500
Economic Impact: >$300 million/yr
Turnaround started in 2014 after a failed auction by a national oil company put the plant onto a path to permanent closure. The asset is now a healthy 1st/2nd quartile performer
Chemical & Metallurgical Plant
Revenue: $150 million
Jobs: >50
Economic Impact: >$30 million/yr
Metals recovery facility facing closure from poor market conditions and environmental liabilities rescued in 2017
Cosmetics Manufacturing
Florida, NJ, Italy
Revenue: >$10 million
Jobs: ~50
30-year old cosmetics manufacturing and distribution company purchased pre-bankruptcy in 2016  and profitably revitalized within 9 months
Worldscale Refinery
Revenue: $7 billion
Jobs: >500
Economic Impact: >$400 million/yr
A large integrated oil company closed its 90-year old refinery in 2011. We purchased and restarted the plant in 2012 and it has operated successfully ever since - avoiding significant site cleanup for the previous owner

Previous Work

PET Chip & Fibers Plant
South Carolina
Revenue: ~$100 million
Jobs: >300
Economic Impact: >$50 million/yr
We developed the business strategy for the restart of a former PET chip and polyester plant (1 million square-feet under roof) on behalf of its owner who purchased it by assuming environmental clean up costs for the seller. The plant is in the process of restarting in 2017

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