Founded by former McKinsey & Company alumni, our mission is to revitalize large industrial plants based on the expertise of our partnership. We are asset operators first and foremost. We believe that challenged assets in difficult markets (and unique situations) can often be brought back to long-run economic sustainability through fundamentally re-thinking their businesses including operating strategies, pricing tactics, market positioning, and investments in new technology.

Our goal is to conduct friendly transactions with sellers who wish to exit markets or shed extra capacity. We have successfully executed several large business turnarounds over the past 5 years to the benefit of the asset sellers and their creditors in addition to other stakeholders including employees, pensioners, communities, and governments.

We have offices in Boca Raton, Houston, and Northern New Jersey to support our industrial operations in North America. However we are global in scope and currently do business in more than 44 countries.   

We purchase  distressed assets and specialize in corporate turnarounds

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